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Wednesday, March 16

Thankieyouuu (:

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16 MAY 2010 - 16 MAC 2011 : 10MONTH
Hey happy 10month dear :) Thankieyou for keep me well 10month ni -.- i hope after this you can take care on me better k . Macam takpercaya jeh , even we always gaduh-2 en ? k , feels like i just know you yesterday . HAHAHA Ceh . im happy with you (: if i tell you i love you , can i keep you forever ? i love you somuch , with all my heart and soul , always :) having you in my life is truly a blessing . you bring much happiness into my life and much love into my heart . you make me feel posisible . Can i own your heart forever ? Happy 10 months sayang ,  i love you so much. 
With love,